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RPGs are good, actually

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Apparently they didn’t tell the AI the ball had to leave the pitcher’s hand. twitter.com/randal_olson/statu

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i feel like an honest to god wild animal looking at pictures of adam driver in The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. it's like my arm is caught in a bear trap. is that a fucking half ponytail???? you son of a bitch. i'm chewing my hand off. i'm gnawing through bone

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My husband has decided that making porridge with oat milk is a contradiction of Leviticus because it’s cooking the kid in the milk of the mother and therefore not kosher. I think we need a rabbinical opinion on this...

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Ever seen a hedgehog stretch?

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this is from such a deep place in my brain

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This is very much not a dig at any game or fiction that IS Mythos-based or Cthulhu-titled (there are some really, really good ones out there), I just wish the genre wasn't quite so rigidly imprisoned in this one dickhead's vision of what the genre can be.

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I obviously have a lot of issues with Lovecraft (dude was the *worst*), but more than anything I wish we could just get past him, especially in RPG spaces. I can think of more games specifically named for just Cthulhu than I can cosmic horror RPGs that aren't set in the Mythos.

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Every game should have three mascots: one for each team and a third who roams freely with no allegiances, immune to the laws of man.

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I want to apologize for ignorantly saying, β€œwe’re all immigrants”. And thank you to people who pointed out my white lady bullshit. I am an idiot. Helpful article given to me in case anyone else is an idiot: colorlines.com/articles/millio

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tonight's dysfunctional dinner was veggie tray (cauli, broc, celery, carrots) + ranch and a pbj so... movin up in the world B)

Check out E. Forney's video! vm.tiktok.com/LMA5Ho/

this is the one where i was browsing the filters and idek

Martin, texting back: Yeah, yeah, Jane Prentiss. I get it, you're proper spooky.

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is hungry
is waiting
is singing
is dead

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Just a gentle reminder that the fires in the amazon are intentional. It’s not a forest fire type situation. It’s an intentional setting ablaze of the forest by the fascist brazilian govt + agrobusiness & ranching oligarchs. Wording matters. Don’t hide who is doing this & why.

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The Amazon Rainforest has been burning for 3 weeks straight and it’s only just being spoken about. Please, help raise awareness of the death and destruction of many types of wildlife. It’s only a matter of time before the whole rainforest is gone.

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Making more money has actually pushed me to the left politically. Because I *know* I'm not working twice as hard and I'm not twice as smart as when I made half as much.

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Woohoo!! πŸπŸ’– Here's the comic I made for @GameOnAnthology@twitter.com– help us unlock the next stretch goal by backing the project here! kickstarter.com/projects/catst

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Sometimes I think about how "Teaching a child the value of a dollar" through things like chores is/was.
The idea of showing how much work goes into things that children take for granted is somewhat reasonable, but the whole "value of a dollar" aspect is... Insidious.
I'll explain

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