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I talk about abortion all day long at work and never say women’s health! You don’t need to say women! It’s completely unnecessary! It’s really easy to not say it!

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............................... I thought Tulsi and Gabbard were two separate candidates

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have you or a family member ever dated a guy named matt. you maybe entitled to compensation

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Fantastic piece from @StoryTom@twitter.com on how fighting utilities for a better world is playing out in Los Angeles.

Public utilities have lots of issues, but they respond to organizing. Meanwhile, activists have no recourse against rogue investor-owned utilities.


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Every time a politician says "women's healthcare" just know that that's a deliberate choice to be transphobic in order to avoid having to say the word abortion

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In celebration of the baseball Game 4 () and tonight's , I give you the NATIONALS LINEUP AND SOME PITCHERS as THE CANDIDATES PARTICIPATING IN TONIGHT'S DEBATE.

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This Shadyside home is coming in strong with its Halloween game. (Explainer for non-CMU folks: this picture was taken about two blocks away from en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walkin )

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Friends: Please sign and share this petition to address the statue of genocidal slaver Christopher Columbus: forms.gle/rv4Vg1BEnSstgteY9

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The lie: Capitalism is great bc if you work hard you can succeed

The truth:

┏ ⬇️ ┳━━┳━━┓
┃┏┻ β”—β”“ ┫┗━┫
┃┏┳┳┛┏ ┃ πŸ’ΈπŸ’²πŸ’΅ "success"
┗━┻━┻━┻ ⬆️ β”›
Generational wealth

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Lenticular lenses can be used to blur images along a single direction

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Is your home haunted by pests, holes in the ceiling, or dangerous stairways your landlord never got around to fixing? Or has illegal discrimination made your house hunt a nightmare? Check out our first Housing Zine: "What to Do About Your Slumlord Scum": drive.google.com/file/d/1BDeeR

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I just lost my wallet on the way home from work. I didn't have much identifying info in there so a good Samaritan got in touch with my via my... bank account 🀯

4x transfers of Β£0.01 each with a reference up to 18 chars

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spotted a celebrity at the farm this weekend

Check out E. Forney's video! vm.tiktok.com/5SEAGd/

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(LATE) THANK YOU GIVEAWAY FOR 1500 FOLLOWERS! πŸ’– Retweet to enter and get a second entry by commenting below with which PokΓ©mon you would get choose~
ANY PokΓ©mon is eligible shiny or regular- and prizes will ship free anywhere in the world. Thank you so much for your support! πŸ’–

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If we’ve interacted and you’re looking for software work, DM me

- SWE contractor, current range 90-120k/yr
- remote or Pittsburgh
- distributed system, Clojure codebase, immature tooling

I’m on the same contract; I can answer questions and put you in touch w/ a hiring manager.

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The protests in Haiti should absolutely be getting the same about of coverage that Hong Kong is getting, that Sudan and Puerto Rico got. twitter.com/yooxygen/status/11

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QTing because the video has violence and some don't like to see it, even if it's against a cop, but personally.... πŸ‘Œ

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This de-arrest is art. From the textbook flying kick, to the cop’s β€œwell I never wanted to arrest you anyway” walk of shame at the end. twitter.com/hongkongfp/status/

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