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The best cosplay I saw all weekend

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Netflix has finally announced that Season 2 of Aggretsuko will air on June 14.

It will also introduce Retsuko's mom

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Happening right now in the Strip District.

There’s a massive water main break on Smallman St, beneath the 16th St Bridge.

People are gathered on the bridge and at Smallman + 14th St.

Several cars are completely submerged and Smallman St is closed.

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Say what you will about the , the John Hughes homage was a bold choice to end on.

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\ 😯
|| \_
_/¯ ¯\_

_/¯ ¯\_

\ 🤠
|| \_
_/¯ ¯\_

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I told my boyfriend I got the job I interviewed for today 😂 mind u he at work.

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Please let it go viral. Even if you're not from the Philippines. Please help our voice be heard.
The Yes-No ratio is staggering, I want that yes to step over the nos. twitter.com/kirakirakat/status

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“...and they lived happily ever after”

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Instead of my usual fanart in honor of last night's atrocious finale I present to you my series titled Artistic Renderings of Actors Valiantly Powering Through Interviews About Season 8

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Looking for the cereal aisle in a grocery store you’ve never been to.

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LEFTWING DOXXING: hey, we ID'd this person as a member of a hate group, and he's a cop.... in a school... so that's probably bad

RIGHTWING DOXXING: here's a feminist's home address, someone should go literally murder her over a YouTube video

CENTRIST: these are the same

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This is Moosey. He did his best, but it wasn’t enough. Hopes you’re still proud of him. 14/10 please give him a boost

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I was included in this lovely anthology. Buy one if you’d like nonbinary inspiration💛💛💛⭐️🦋

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Köpeğimin yastığı çatıya uçmuştu 2-3 gün önce. Artık o yastığın ufak tatlı bir sahibi var.

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@bombsfall@twitter.com i'm so gay they have to send christ himself in to save me. what i have learned from this is that my very existence has god on the ropes. they can't handle me

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which is a bigger flex?
like for airpods,
retweet for rich boy winston on route 104 using a full restore on his level 7 zigzagoon

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I identified the most with Drogon because he was the only Latinx

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